Special Programs

Music, Movement, and Mindfulness!

An innovative new program at The Center, “Music, Movement, and Mindfulness!” allows our students to express themselves through music and movement. Created to match the development of each age group and individual child, the class focuses on coordination, balance, and breathing techniques. Children are encouraged to find his/her own individuality while working with others in a group setting. Each session ends in calmness giving students the opportunity to be mindful of themselves and others.The program was developed by former Lead Teacher Linda Bonaccorso. Ms. Linda currently leads this Special Program for all students from our toddlers through our Pre-K.  Ms. Linda is a graduate of Ohio University. She has worked with pre-schoolers for 24 years and has been a teacher at The Center since 2000.

Healthy Harvest Program

The Center’s Healthy Harvest program, in conjunction with Share the Harvest Farm in East Hampton, involves children in a comprehensive food and nutrition program that pairs science education with learning about healthy eating to teach our students how food goes from the ground to the table and why it is important to make healthy food choices. 

An educator from the farm meets regularly with prekindergarten groups to share picture books, discussions, and activities.

The program culminates with a school gardening project that allows our students to plant their own vegetable seeds, water seedlings in classroom hothouses, transplant them outdoors in raised garden beds specially constructed for each Pre-K classroom, tend them, and watch them grow.

At harvest time the produce becomes part of the menu for our daily meals and snacks or is used to make healthy treats like smoothies. Students also participate in harvesting extra vegetables for donation to local food pantries.

Parenting in the 21st Century: Parent Outreach Meetings (POMs)

Our Parent Outreach Meetings (POMs) are open to everyone in our community. The meetings take place regularly throughout the year and feature presentations by experts as well as discussions among presenters and attendees on a variety of important topics. Presentations, focusing on areas from wellness to parenting tips to child development, are made in both English and Spanish.

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