Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center offers innovative programs that incorporate best practices in early childhood education and focus on developing the whole child – supporting social, emotional, and cognitive growth. 

The rich, research-based curriculum is designed to help every child achieve developmental milestones in early literacy, problem solving, and other academic and life skills.

Classes are led by expert staff.  Our lead teachers and their assistants participate in continuing education with regular, ongoing professional development. 

Working with children individually and in small groups, our staff helps children gain the self-confidence needed to explore their worlds, discover their own creativity, and develop a love of learning.

Since children learn through play, play is an essential part of every day.Children at every age level participate in a wide range of fun and developmentally appropriate learning activities. Each classroom is stocked with books, puzzles, games, dramatic play areas, art supplies, and more. Our secure outdoor play areas allow children to play safely and imaginatively and include a sports court for various sports that help develop gross motor coordination. Fine art projects reinforce weekly themes, allow opportunities for creative expression, and help children develop fine motor skills. 

A weekly music program includes singing, rhythm, and movement activities, and opportunities to experiment with instruments. Physical fitness classes are held twice a week.

We have partnered with the East Hampton Y.M.C.A. RECenter for swimming lessons, with the Wellness Foundation of East Hampton for nutrition education, and with Share the Harvest Farm for our Healthy Harvest gardening program. 

In addition, the Center has been awarded grants that allow us to work with the Yale Child Study Center and with the Deveraux Center for Resilient Children on programs that help parents and school staff evaluate and nurture children’s social-emotional growth. 

Parent outreach programs presented in both English and Spanish feature workshops and discussions to give families information and tools to guide healthy early childhood development.