Partnering With Parents: A Deeper Look

A Parent Outreach program at EWECC includes evening presentations for parents, teachers, and other caregivers by expert speakers who address key elements of child development.

Discussions provide information about early learners as well as practical strategies that can be used to support and encourage children’s growth and learning, and positive behaviors.

The events are presented on successive evenings in both English and Spanish by an EWECC team that includes Arlene Pizzo Notel, our program director, Jacqueline Rambo, a school psychologist, and Dr. Julio Gonzalez of the State University of New York, who has partnered with the Center on child study and outreach efforts. Guest speakers are also included.

Recent  Parent Outreach Meeting (POM)  topics have included “Health, Nutrition, and Early Childhood Development,”  a discussion of the impact of nutrition on brain development, attention span, and behavior that included  Zoe Klein of the Wellness Foundation of East Hampton; “reflective parenting,” or how parents and teachers can support the growth of children’s social and emotional skills, helping them to get along with others and develop a positive self-concept by learning to carefully examine and respond to what is going on with their children; and language development, at which Lynette Marichal, a speech and language pathologist at the John M. Marshall Elementary School, helped address children’s language development milestones from 18 months to five years old, individual differences in development, evaluation and intervention, and the role of technology in language development.

Another session, which included Dr. Lara DeSanti-Siska, a general practitioner with a Wainscott practice, focused on social-emotional learning in early childhood, looking at typical behaviors and strategies for adults to use during difficult moments that will help children develop understanding and resilience, as well as possible causes for particular behaviors.

Child care is provided during the sessions to enable parents to attend, and early childhood teachers from across the East End have been invited to attend.