Healthy Harvest Program Hones in on Key Learning Areas

We love kale! Vegetables planted by last year’s Pre-K kids grew huge over the summer.
Planting garlic in the fall for springtime harvest

Melissa Mapes of Share the Harvest Farm, with her helper on her back, shows prekindergarteners how the garden grows

The Healthy Harvest nutrition and gardening education curriculum at Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center, initiated last year, is being expanded and fine-tuned.

In conjunction with EWECC’s program director, Arlene Pizzo-Notel, Melissa Mapes from Share the Harvest Farm, EWECC’s partner in the school gardening program, is developing an enhanced Healthy Harvest program that is closely aligned with the Center’s “Big Day for Pre-K” curriculum.

Based on research in child development,  the comprehensive curriculum builds on children’s natural curiosity and drive to explore the world around them, expanding upon shared experiences with meaningful conversations,  shared fiction and nonfiction books, direct instruction, and free play to support language development and learning in math, science, and other areas. The teaching and learning framework is aligned with early learning standards, including New York State’s Common Core.