Focus on Nutrition Education

Good nutrition in the early years is a main ingredient helping children to develop healthy bodies and minds. ┬áIn conjunction with the Wellness Foundation of East Hampton, EWECC invited parents to a discussion of the links between “Health, Nutrition, and Early Childhood Development.” Zoe Klein, an educator with the Wellness Foundation, Dr. Julio Gonzalez of the State University of New York, and Arlene Pizzo Notel, EWECC’s program direction, discussed the impact of nutrition on brain development, attention span, and behavior.

Meanwhile, in the classroom, children celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, in part, by enjoying a plate full of healthy — and green — snacks, from broccoli to spinach, avocado, cucumber, and green apple, and green smoothie drinks.

Soon, seedlings will be growing in classroom greenhouse units for later transplanting in outdoor raised gardening beds as part of our Healthy Harvest program. The beds will produce more green and multi-colored veggies that the children will taste and enjoy.