Fall 2018: Full House and Excitement as School Year Begins

The 2018-19 school year began with excitement at the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center, which has welcomed the Springs School District’s prekindergarten students, along with additional prekindergarteners sent to the Center from the Wainscott and Sagaponack districts, and others.

The three Pre-K classes, with a total of 56 children, are led by Sandy McLaughlin, Erin Albanese, and Meghan Payne. Each group has two assistant teachers helping out — Cassandra Bowen and Yolanda Coste with Ms. Payne, Marisol Guerrero and India Hayden with Ms. McLaughlin, and Melissa Anderson and Jessica Pillco with “Ms. A.”

The teacher-student ration in the Prekindergarten groups allows for plenty of personal attention, individualized teaching, and guided learning.

This year’s two 3-K (formerly Junior Pre-K) groups are being taught by Robyn Mott, ¬†with Fabiola Sandoval assisting, and Luisa Rauscher, with Amanda Dext as her assistant.

There are two Toddler groups at EWECC this year. Anita Supan Posnick is the teacher in Room 6, with Arely Castillo assisting, and Linda Bonaccorso is the lead teacher in room 7. Peggy Miller and Nancy Chimborazo are that group’s aides.

Another teacher aide, Carol Keogh, helps out where needed.