Pre-K Year Begins With Community Focus
EWECC’s Pre-K classes spent the beginning of the school year learning about the community they live in. With its location in East Hampton Village, the Center allows students and teachers to explore the town on walking field trips. Special visitors to the Center expanded the learning opportunities about community helpers and jobs in the community. Collecting fall leaves A visit to the East Hampton Library Lots to explore at the East Hampton Nature Trail and Duck Pond Exploring the firetruck and learning about fire safety A visit from a Coast Guard daddy
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Parent Meetings Offer Info, Forum
The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center had its first Parent Outreach meeting of the 2018-2019 school year, with a focus on “Parent Reflective Functioning: Observing, Listening, Wondering and Responding as Teachers and Parents.” The education and discussion sessions, which include presentations by professionals in a variety of pertinent fields, were initiated by the Center in 2014, through the efforts of Arlene Pizzo Notel, our program director. The events provide information to parents and caregivers, and provide an opportunity to discuss issues of concern and interest, and to learn useful strategies for guiding children’s growth. The recent event drew the largest …
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School Psychologist Will Support Child Growth
The addition of a school psychologist to the EWECC staff will expand the ability of EWECC teachers to provide group and individualized activities that will support children’s understanding and growth. The Center submitted a successful grant request to fund the position …
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Fall 2018: Full House and Excitement as School Year Begins
The 2018-19 school year began with excitement at the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center, which has welcomed the Springs School District’s prekindergarten students, along with additional prekindergarteners sent to the Center from the Wainscott and Sagaponack districts, and others. The three Pre-K classes, with a total of 56 children, are led by Sandy McLaughlin, Erin Albanese, and Meghan Payne. Each group has two assistant teachers helping out — Cassandra Bowen and Yolanda Coste with Ms. Payne, Marisol Guerrero and India Hayden with Ms. McLaughlin, and Melissa Anderson and Jessica Pillco with “Ms. A.” The teacher-student ration in the Prekindergarten groups …
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EWECC, EH Library Partner for Education
The Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center is partnering with the East Hampton Library to present educational programs for parents, along with “Mommy and Me” programs for caregivers and children. Educators from the Center will join the library’s “Mommy and Me” sessions once a month to model activities for adults and children that can help develop children’s language, literacy, cognitive, and social-emotional development. Techniques for reading together, through which parents can broaden a child’s experience of a book by engaging in a dialogue, asking questions, and sparking curiosity and creative thinking, were presented during the first session, during the summer. Also in August, …
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