Parenting in the 21st Century

A series of seven lectures presented in English and Spanish and open to all parents, grandparents, and caregivers in the community. The series is developed by The Center, and presented in partnership with the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation and East End Pediatrics. Learn how greater knowledge of early childhood development can provide important insights and methods for successful parenting in today’s world. The lectures are held at The Center and begin at 6:00 PM. English presentations are Monday evenings, Spanish presentations are Wednesday evenings. There is free childcare at each session. Reservations are requested, but not required.

Meeting Dates & Topics:

November 18 & 20
Observing, listening, wondering, and responding as teachers and parents

December 16 & 18
Helping children through difficult moments: Healthy social emotional development and resilience

January 13 & 15
Language development: Individual differences and technology

February 10 & 12
The importance of teaching kindness, empathy and acceptance

March 16 & 18
Health, nutrition and early childhood development

April 20 & 22
Expressing optimism and gratitude: Increasing overall well-being

May 18 & 20
Helping children through life’s transitions 

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Meetings take place regularly throughout the year and feature presentations by experts as well as discussions among presenters and attendees on a variety of important topics. This program is in partnership with East End Pediatrics and the East Hampton Healthcare Foundation. Presentations, focusing on areas from wellness to parenting tips to child development, are made in English on Monday evenings, Spanish on Wednesday evenings. All meetings are open to the entire community. RSVP appreciated.
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