Faculty & Staff


Administrative Director – Robyn Mott
Program Director – Arlene Pizzo-Notel
Assistant to Directors – Peggy Miller
Development Director – Joan Overlock

School Psychologist – Sherri Ann DuRussel

Cook – Mary Carter

Robyn Mott
Administrative Director

Robyn has her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified in Special Education. She earned her Master’s Degree in Technology in the Classroom from Long Island University, She has been a lead Pre-K teacher at the former SCOPE Pre-K program at Most Holy Trinity Church and a teaching assistant in the Amagansett School’s Pre-K program. Robyn joined The Center as a lead Pre-K teacher in 2015.

Arlene Pizzo Notel
Program Director

Arlene is a dual-certified teacher in both Early Childhood and Childhood Education in New York State. She has been a teacher in the East Hampton community for 24 years. Following 12 years as a lead Pre-Kindergarten teacher at the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center (EWECC), Arlene currently serves as EWECC’s Program Director, working on implementing progressive programs tailored to today’s childhood population.

In 2014 Arlene designed a Resilience Program at EWECC that aims to prepare children for a life of positive mental health using an assessment and planning system designed specifically for social-emotional outcomes. Arlene is also a member of the Joint Pre-K committee that coordinates the collaborative effort of the Pre-Kindergarten at EWECC and the East Hampton Union Free School District.

Arlene received her Bachelor’s Degree at Long Island University-Southampton and her Master’s Degree at the L.I.U. Riverhead campus. She remains dedicated to her own professional development, engaging in training at institutions such as the Child Study Center at Yale University and the Devereux Center for Resilient Children in Villanova, PA.

For over 20 years Arlene has recognized the importance of Early Childhood Education and the changing needs of children and their families. She continues to ground her approach to teaching and learning in the need for constant adaptation of instruction for the many needs of today’s learners. Residing in East Hampton, where she has lived and worked for over 35 years, Arlene has two children and a grandson.


Room #1: (Pre-K)
Megan Payne-Lead Teacher
Yolanda Coste-Assistant

Room #2: (Pre-K)
Sandra McLaughlin-Lead Teacher
Carol Keogh-Assistant
Elizabeth Miller-Assistant

Room #3: (Pre-K)
Robyn Mott-Lead Teacher
Rebecca Sales-Assistant

Room # 4: (3-K)
Marisol Guerrero-Lead Teacher
Fabiola Sandoval-Assistant
Nancy Chimborazo-Assistant

Room #5: (3-K)
Luisa Raucher-Lead Teacher
Amanda Dext-Assistant

Room# 7: (Toddler)
Linda Bonaccorso-Lead Teacher
Melissa Anderson-Assistant