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    YOUR Children Are Why We’re Here!

    Partnering with parents is a vital component of our program at the Eleanor Whitmore Early Childhood Center. Frequent informal parent/teacher interaction is encouraged, and conferences are scheduled twice annually to allow parents to learn about specific milestones their children have achieved and to identify areas that are developing. In addition, special programs are offered – ranging from wellness issues, parenting education, to programs specifically designed for Spanish-speaking parents.

    Our Philosophy:

    • We believe that every child has certain strengths and innate desires to learn, explore, and create and that each needs to be nurtured and encouraged.
    • We believe in the importance of investing in the early years of education in order to prepare each child for future academic and life successes.
    • We believe that children are best served by caring, well trained early education professionals.
    • We believe in partnering with parents.
    • We believe that a full-day year-round learning environment is the most beneficial way to instill the love of learning into the life of each child.
    • We embrace the cultural, ethnic, and economic diversity of our children and strive to build relationships and understanding through commonalities and appreciation of differences.


    Financial Aid

    • It is part of the Center’s mission to assist families in need with financial aid. There are a limited number of financial aid and scholarship packages available for families who qualify.
    • Our tuition remains below market rates to ensure that a diverse population is able to enroll.


    Our Statistics

    • We care for an average of 100 children per day, including approximately 60 Pre-Kindergarten students and 40 children in the Toddler and Jr. Pre-K classrooms
    • Teacher to student ratios are in compliance with or exceed state minimum standards — one teacher for five children in the toddler classroom, one teacher for 7 children in the Jr. Pre-K classrooms, and one teacher for eight children in the Pre-K classrooms
    • We promote and encourage healthy eating habits and 2 nutritious meals and snacks are provided every day.

    If you have any questions or would like to arrange a tour of our Center, please contact Maureen Wikane, Director at 631-324-5560.


  • Gingerbread Lane Extension
    PO Box 63
    East Hampton, NY 11937
    (631) 324-5560
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